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We are based in Scotland and specialise in the design, development and manufacture of ATEX / IECEx Opto Couplers / Opto Isolators and High Voltage Couplers. BOT are the UK’s only manufacturer of ATEX / IECEx certified Opto Couplers and as such we supply worldwide.

We offer CAD design, in house manufactured and tested prototypes through to full production. Parts where suitable can be supplied in waffle trays or taped and reeled.

Our largest selling products are ATEX / IECEx certified Opto Couplers and High Voltage Couplers closely followed by custom LED arrays, bargraphs and custom IR switches. Our aim is to offer OPTO ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS - so if you have a problem that requires a solution contact BOT.

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ATEX / IECEx Couplers update
The ATEX / IECEx coupler range certification has now been reviewed by our Notified Body, to the recently updated standar...
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Due to our ever changing product range and customer base we inevitably accumulate production pieceparts excess to requir...
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New visible product range
Single way to 10 way LED standoff arrays.Precise lead postioning for easy loading to pcbs. Most types are available in r...
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OPI5000 ATEX coupler


The OPI5000 has been developed to meet the soldering temperature requirements of Lead Fr...

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IECEX Certification
To assist global existing and new customers the existin...
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Increase in Post & Pack charges
Due to ever increasing costs we are left with no alternative but to increase our min P&P charge to £12 from ...
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After 30 years of using Inks  we now use a Laser to mark all components.



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